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Confucius Statue Vanishes Near Tiananmen Square

The Air-Raid-Shelter Apartments Under Beijing

Namibian Art from China Goes on Display

• Sydney to Host Terracotta Army

Gunkanjima: Ruins of a Forbidden Island [in Japan]

• China’s College Grads Toil in “Ant Tribes”

Chinese Women, Suicide, and Killer Pesticides

Hong Kong Deports Creator of Tiananmen Statue on Eve of Crackdown Anniversary

Artist Couple at One with the Brush

Great Wall of China’s Strength “Comes from Sticky Rice”

An Odd Couple in Devastating Harmony

• Two Women Reshape Hong Kong’s Art Scene

• Cai Guo Qiang’s Inventions of Chinese Peasant Inventors

Man Stuck in River “Too Embarrassed to Call for Help”

• Historic Artistic Huts

• China’s Arranged Remarriages

• Two Years On, Quake Victims Move On with Their Lives

Guesting-Teaching Chinese, and Learning America

• Shanghai Is Trying to Untangle the Mangled English of Chinglish

Chinese Preschoolers Hurt in New Attack

A Little Danish Mermaid Comes Up for Air in China

When Hipsters Move in on Chinese: It’s Ugly

A Big Map That Shrank the World

• NYT review of West of the Tracks

• Ex-Judge Michael Corriero Tries to Keep Qing Hong Wu in U.S.

The Chinese Toddler Chained Through Love and Fear

• Explorers Find Rare Ancient Books

• Released Writer Tweets About Life in a Chinese Prison

French Artist Paints Chinese Opera

• Hospital Scandal Erupted on Net over “Blood Flowers” in Chengdu

• They Come in Search of Justice—But End Up Thrown into Jail

• Mining Taiwan’s Darker History

• The 2009 Prix Pictet Shortlist — Nadav Kander

Hello, You’ve Won the Nobel: The Man Who Delivers the News to Nobel Laureates on Tradition, Joy, and Voicemail

Chairman Mao Museum for Sale

• Taiwan Museum Rejects Looted Chinese Relics

• Taiwan Director: Art Movies Are on the Decline

Rebiya Kadeer Documentary to Screen Amid Controversy

Heritage City in North China a Paradise for World’s Photographers

Ancient Chinese Residence on Display in Paris

• China Covers Suicide Bridge in Butter [and read comments]

• Building a New Old City in Kashgar

• Chinese Dissidents Prompt Book Fair Walk Out

• For Taiwan Craftsman, Sword-making Is in the Bones

• Local Governments Keep Chinese Public in the Dark About Pollution

Jet Li and Jackie Chan Star in Chinese Communist Revolution Epic [also Zhang Ziyi, Stephen Chow, and directors Chen Kaige and John Woo]

• China Has Banned Buddhist Monks in Tibet from Reincarnating

• Spain Honors Chinese Translator of Don Quixote

Banned by Beijing: U.S. Filmmakers Who Made Sichuan Earthquake Documentary

Jia Pingwa’s Banned Novel Returns After 17 Years

Ancient Chinese Sword Reveals Origins of the Mysterious Sanxingdui

From Actress to Producer: An Interview with Zhang Ziyi

Traditional and Simplified: Different Characters Lead to Same Chinese Identity

• Chinese Fireman Stops Man from Dropping Daughter from Window in Dramatic Rescue

• Jasper Becker’s City of Heavenly Tranquillity

Shi Pei Pu, Singer, Spy and “M. Butterfly,” Dies at 70 (7/1/09)

• Diverse Zebra Crossings Spark Debate in Luoyang

• Woman Jailed for Boiling Head

• Zhang Yimou Starts Shooting Coen Brothers Remake [Blood Simple]

monoactivité: Chinese textile wholesalers have taken over a Parisian neighborhood

Chinatown Gang Feud Turns Liverpool into Scene from Kill Bill

Underwater Museum at China’s Three Gorges Dam Region Finishes Construction

Chengdu cab drivers Played an Important Role in Sichuan Quake

• An Author’s Collaborator Goes It Alone

• Illegal Immigrant, Mentally Ill, Is Stuck in Immigration Limbo

• Local Tai Chi Master Traces Lineage Back 400 Years to the Martial Art’s Founder

• China Art Master Wu Guanzhong Returns Art to the People

• Chinese Writers Fail to Find Global Voice

• Chinese Police Training Manual Offers Tips on the Best Way to Beat Up Offenders

CA Chinatown Gets Recognition



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