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December: Germany, Mexico, Chile, China, India, &c.
November: Zürich, Switzerland
October: Ferrara, Italy; Venice, Italy; Madrid, Spain
April: Cartagena, Colombia

December: Saratoga Springs, New York
October or November: Oaxaca, Mexico?
October or November: Paonia, Colorado (?)
September: Beijing, China (?) Santa Barbara, California
August: Toronto, Canada
July–August: Saratoga Springs, New York (?)
July: Finger Lakes, New York
June: Berkeley, California
May: New Smyma Beach, Florida Los Angeles, California
May: Rabun Gap, Georgia (?)
March: Peoria, Illinois (?)
February: Orcas Island, Washington, or Chicago, Illinois (?)

December: Istanbul, Turkey
November: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
September: Woodstock, New York
August: Washington, D.C.
July: New Orleans, Louisiana
June: Los Angeles, California
March–April: Taipei, Taiwan

December: Nairobi, Kenya Antonio
November: Oaxaca Book Festival, Oaxaca, Mexico Williamsburg, Brooklyn; Chinatown, Manhattan
October: Taipei, Taiwan
August: West Village, New York
August: Amsterdam, the Netherlands
July: Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn
June: Williamsburg, Brooklyn
May–June: Flushing, Queens
May 6–14: Taipei, Taiwan

December 20–January 7: Mexico
July 23–25: Los Angeles, California
May 18–22: Seattle, Washington
April: birthday month
March 6–11: San Francisco, California

December 10–19: Paris, France
October 24–27: Chicago, Illinois
September 26–30: San Francisco, California
March 31–April 11: Nanchong and Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China


5 Responses to “About”

    • wmc Says:

      Thanks, Jane. I enjoyed the review quite a bit, as it points out the issues that make me nervous about writing about China from my Western perspective. Still, I admired the movie; there’s no other way for me to experience the film except as an outsider, and it’s fascinating for me to watch the conversations (Eastern and Western) that arise. There’s going to be a Jia Zhangke retrospective here next year, and I’m determined to catch all the movies then.

  1. jane Says:

    to be fair, we couldn’t find an edition with english subtitles so we might have missed some of the finer points; however, as enjoyable as it was to indulge in this rare opportunity to view chengdu through a filmmaker’s lens, the film was certainly not without its flaws–from an insider’s or outsider’s perspective–i think, and the absolutely uncritical response of most english-language reviewers was rather absurd.

    jia zhangke retrospective should be cool.

    • wmc Says:

      Again, this is so fascinating to me. Yes, I too wondered about the Dongbei-accented Mandarin. And I was distracted by the professional actors; aside from identifying Joan Chen straightaway, I could tell who was an actor and who wasn’t. If Joan Chen had been the only trained actor in the film, perfect. I was also put off by the last story; tonally it was completely jarring; I’d rather have the camera just follow her around silently, if her story needed to be told at all.

      Still, I’m utterly enamored of the film for the fact that the world of 24 City is similar to the world I’m writing about. What a silly bias!

  2. SenNim Says:

    (it’s hyowon)

    Wah-ming, you’re a genius. I couldn’t figure out how to put Emily on FB and gave up, and here you are, 10 steps ahead.


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