When home found me

January 23, 2013

I found my home in 2011 when I moved to Sunset Park. Before that, I was living in the center of Manhattan. It took me fourteen years to realize that the center of Manhattan was nowhere I wanted to be. Moving to another borough was cathartic but of course represented a specific sort of trauma. Moving to the apartment below my best friend represented another. A little more than a year has now passed, and most if not all of the pieces of the habitation puzzle have clicked into place. I have gained two more best friends in the process. The four of us had a birthday brunch last Sunday. We knew one another’s pauses, hiccups, chirrups, hurrahs. For a middle child, this is heaven. At the moment I call it a nighttime heaven. I mean I see brilliant stars everywhere I turn, since nighttime is my favorite time of day. When home finds you, you will never want to leave. “Never” is a long time, and an unreliable qualifier, but since I tend to love a long time, and am an unreliable narrator, it’s okay.

Please read Suzanne Guillette’s deep, rich interviews about various beautiful homes throughout New York City.


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