June 28, 2012

Another bit, cut:

wmc: I look forward to the tattoo you mentioned. My tiger+bodhisattva tattoo, inspired by my constant state of somnolence and by Borges, is one of two wondrous follies I’d accomplished in 2011. What were your best and most enjoyable follies in 2011? What follies do you hope to immerse, or have already immersed, yourself in in 2012?

SQ: I think maybe moving to Manhattan was one of the expensive follies of last year. And buying my first artwork, completely to my own surprise—they are these beautiful little sanded-down tomes by Pamela Paulsrud, called Touchstones. And probably another tattoo at least by an artist I have in mind, and will probably have to do, as I mentioned, with The Elephant Vanishes.


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