The business of a city (6.1)

September 7, 2011

[From July 24, 2009.]

Walking around with the camera:

  • I buy an ice cream. Guy charges me three dollars instead of the usual two-fifty. I hand him two-fifty. He says, “Okay. For you, two-fifty.”
  • “You think I don’t notice?” she asks. I know she notices. I don’t care if she notices.
  • The nephew takes pictures of posters.
  • “That’s a fancy camera!” At least ten people have said this about my camera. I am surprised. I have been assuming that everybody I know owns one, and a better one, and that I’ve just been late to the game. Then there are those who have a long history with such cameras, and who are ten years younger than me. I understand my surroundings a little better knowing who’d owned what kind of camera, when, and why.

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