September 7, 2011

[From May 14, 2009. I don’t remember this period at all. And I clearly see her “I” now.]

Every day there is a third-person narrative of my life going through my head. There’s nothing exceptional about the narrative except for how incredibly dull it is.

Today’s example, when mulling over my dread of an appointment next week: She spends all her time dreading the next time she sees X, but when in X’s company, there is a beautiful brilliant light in the sky.

Now and then I almost hear the silent first-person narrative of somebody nearby. I pay little attention to those whose first-person narratives are set to inelegant exclamation points. That is, there are elegant ones and there are vulgar ones.

Every day she yearns for a quick affirmation from those around her. Why else would she send out something in its raw state?


One Response to “Person”

  1. stumblingcloud Says:

    You tickle me. I often forget you have this blog and then it’s always such a wonderful discovery to read your entries … like cash found in forgotten pockets.

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