Dream tides (II)

September 3, 2011

Notebooks record movement. Yet movement can be entirely still. A breeze on grass, for example. A naked performance. A Tarkovsky film. A walk atop a hill with eyes shut and summer tracing itself all over you. The effort to record this stillness can come at great cost to the artist, the performer, the traveler. The flip book in my dream must have been three hundred pages, and on each page my friend had sketched the same scene, with variation occurring only in the grass, that stippled breeze, that breath from God—that is, from my friend who’d done the sketches, or from me who’d dreamed of my friend having done the sketches. Notebooks record God.


2 Responses to “Dream tides (II)”

  1. Peter Says:

    Usually it’s a bore to read about others’ dreams. Not yours.

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