May 21, 2011

This is a 7 train that runs express every morning and evening during rush hour. When the red square changes to a green circle, that means the train is running local. But wouldn’t you think that the express would be represented by a circle? A circle is a continuous curve with no sharp corners to brake at, while this square calls to mind an uncompromising diamond. When you look out the window in the morning, the hard edges of the city are unavoidable. Crass advertisements, gray neighborhoods, a distant Manhattan that flaunts its Oz-ness. At night, these edges disappear to make room for lights—red, green, yellow, piercing white in neon or fluorescent. The shape of a city is reflected in these different times of day. The shape of a city is reflected in the shapes of its streets, its inhabitants, its various brightnesses and darknesses. The shape of a city is the shape of a subway seat, angled, bucket-like, segmented, sequestering.


One Response to “五”

  1. ChristineZ Says:

    LOVE this. i want to read more.

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