On “Apparitions”

August 12, 2009

I’ve started a little blog exercise: posting revisions of a piece of fiction that I recently started. I used to be a whiz at revision. Something got lost. I am relearning. Of course the whole enterprise will be interesting to nobody but myself. Apologies in advance. I will intersperse these posts with quotes from good, real writing, like Jonathan Tel’s The Beijing of Possibilities (run, don’t walk).

The thing being posted here is called “Apparitions” for now. I have two posts so far (here and here). The first line that starts the thing belongs to Lucas Green, who gave me permission to use it. I will remove it at the next round because I’ve grown much too attached to it—it’s his, not mine. Take a look at his own pieces (here and here) that flow quite beautifully from it. I didn’t fully read his first version until I’d finished my second “Apparitions” post, having only peeked at his before this, fingers covering most of the screen (I didn’t want to be overly influenced by somebody else’s sensitivity and sensibility), and was surprised to find mention of a father at the end of it. I wonder if all who take up this sentence will eventually be led to this figure. This, I think, would be most decent and lovely.

Since my experiment is about revision, I invite constructive comments from all three of my readers. Thank you for reading.


5 Responses to “On “Apparitions””

  1. nova Says:

    I think you’re wrong in one way: It will be interesting to others aside from just you. I know it will be interesting to me!

  2. Corinna Says:

    i think this is a fantastic idea! too often we just think about output and not enough about returning to the work and rebuilding it. it’s brave of you to post revisions. so thank you! looking forward to all this. (also happy you like the Tel collection of stories 😉

    • wmc Says:

      Thank you, Corinna, for these words and for stopping by. This experiment is a response to a friend’s call for such explorations on the Internet. I’m not sure exactly how this will all work out, but I hope the process will be enjoyable for everybody, especially (selfishly!) for myself.

      And yes, the Tel collection is magnificent. I’ll send you an e-mail to pick your brain about it.

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