The business of a city (2)

June 23, 2009


An actress wipes off all her makeup without the aid of a mirror. An actor dies backstage, and haunts his understudy in the second act. A man chains his family to their beds to face the flooding of the river. Two office colleagues share an intimacy; then one dies and the other finally lives. A young boy does not speak to his mother, ever. A news journalist is conflicted about toilet paper. A man corrects a wrong. A tour group causes a stampede. A naive poet seeks out the coven of poets living in the park. Lao Tzu the actor gains a sidekick. A radio announcer has trouble hearing. An old woman, banished from her job, takes her anger out on a museum. A boy is unnerved by the number 34. A woman tells her dying mother that she has just married—a lie—and then the mother does not die. A grieving man walks around the park with a secondhand cell phone. A woman takes on a menial job. A man rides his boat down the Yangtze. A proofreader is also conflicted about toilet paper, but for entirely different reasons. A hungry young man must transport an urn to his ailing grandmother. A woman is paid to sing from the side of a mountain. Two old monks move their temple, bit by bit, from the riverbank to the top of a hill. A little girl wants the dog by the river. Theaters, wine shops, factories, and farms are shut down. Shrines, gravesites, and bones are wept over. A dam has been built. A flood is coming. The green gorges, still gorgeous, have been conquered.

This is the business of Mule City.


2 Responses to “The business of a city (2)”

  1. parmanu Says:

    I could read this all day. Strangely alluring.

  2. […] is in Brooklyn (examples here and here), WMC is in Manhattan (here and here), and Unreal is, I think, London (see this and this). Please read them, in silence if at all […]

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