A break

April 7, 2009

I’m going to write a long post tonight but wanted to check in first. I’m alive thanks to Pepto-Bismol and Dr. Ho, I held back sobs when we left the family in Nanchong, and I hope to experience Chengdu nightlife in one Friday night. The highlight, of course, is the Three Gorges and the curious monkeys scurrying toward food. Some snapshots:


Misty. 4.4.09

Misty. 4.4.09



2 Responses to “A break”

  1. bloglily Says:

    so beautiful. and welcome back!

    • wmc Says:

      Thanks! I don’t get back till Saturday, though the parents are trying to convince me to return with them tomorrow. I’m determined to stay here awhile on my own, tender tummy be damned.

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